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9 September 2020

MACOM demos latest products at CIOE

In booth #8C53 at the China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE 2020) in Shenzhen, China (9–11 September), MACOM Technology Solutions Inc of Lowell, MA, USA (which makes semiconductors, components and subassemblies for analog RF, microwave, millimeter-wave and photonic applications) is demonstrating 11 new products that have been added to its portfolio of optoelectronic and photonic components:

  • 10G Combo Passive Optical Network (PON) OLT Chipset - showcasing MACOM’s 10G OLT (optical line termination) product performance for XGS-Combo PON OLT applications. Featuring MACOM’s new MALD-02186 Combo Chip, MATA-02239 TIA (transimpedance amplifier) and APD10B/ES APD (avalanche photodiode), the demonstration showcases what is claimed to be best-in-class burst-mode timing and receiver sensitivity.
  • 2km 5G Front Haul Link Demo - showcasing the firm’s new Fabry-Perot (FP) laser along with a MACOM 25Gbps Multi-Rate Dual CDR (clock & data recovery) with DML (directly modulated laser) driver and TIA, for distances up to 2km. The demonstration highlights the robust performance of the 25Gbps link based on the firm’s 25G FP laser, laser driver/CDRs and TIA over a wide temperature range.
  • 10km 5G Optical Link Demo - showcasing MACOM’s new 25G laser technology for 5G front-haul and mid-haul applications including CWDM6, BiDi, MWDM12 and LWDM12. It includes the firm’s new 25G laser family with a 25Gbps Multi-Rate Dual CDR with DML laser driver and TIA.
  • 50G PAM4 5G Mid-Haul Optical Link Demo - showcasing a 5G wireless mid-haul link over 10km of fiber with 50Gb/s PAM4 DSP (digital signal processing) technology, Ethernet security and a DML laser. It features a full suite of MACOM ICs including the PRISM-50 DSP, a high-speed laser, a 56Gbps TIA and a 256Gbps PIN photodetector enabling a complete end-to-end optical link. The firm’s ES200 MACSec PHY is used to source a 50GE traffic stream, with forward error correction (FEC) and Ethernet security during the live demonstration.
  • Datacenter, 200G/400G Analog Chipset Solution - highlighting MACOM’s high-speed analog ‘4-device chipset’ in end-customer modules that are compliant with the recently released 200/400Gbps Open Eye MSA standards for multi-mode applications. The chipset includes the firm’s driver, TIA, and transmit and receive CDRs. It features a complete active optical cable (AOC) solution as well as an evaluation board showcasing performance over 100m of multi-mode fiber.

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