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11 January 2021

Cree has launches Wolfspeed WolfPACK SiC-based power module family

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has launched its Wolfspeed WolfPACK family of power modules, extending its range of solutions for a diverse range of industrial power markets, including electric vehicle (EV) fast charging, renewable energy and energy storage, and industrial power applications. Using 1200V Wolfspeed MOSFET technology, the new modules deliver maximum efficiency in easy-to-use packages that allow designers to significantly increase efficiency and performance with smaller, more scalable power systems, Cree claims.

Compared with silicon, the use of silicon carbide (SiC)-based power solutions enable faster, smaller, lighter and more powerful electrical systems for a wide range of industrial applications, notes the firm. The new silicon carbide modules are said to maximize power density while simplifying designs in a standard form factor to significantly accelerate the production and rollout of next-generation technology for a wide range of rapidly growing industrial markets, including off-board charging and solar energy solutions. The new family bridges the gap between single-die discrete components and high-ampacity module solutions, giving design engineers a breadth of portfolio options for design requirements using Wolfspeed silicon carbide.

“The introduction of the Wolfspeed WolfPACK power modules extends our power portfolio to cover the broad spectrum of high-voltage power applications, which will help an array of high-growth industries transform as the global transition from silicon to silicon carbide continues to accelerate,” says Jay Cameron, senior VP & general manager, Wolfspeed Power. “Maximizing power density while minimizing design complexity is essential for engineers working in the mid-power range, and the new modules simplify layouts to help accelerate production of EV fast charging and solar infrastructures.”

Wolfspeed WolfPACK power modules are claimed to deliver the highest rated current topologies commercially available, while offering compact footprints that reduce system size, complexity and costs. The modules are available in half-bridge and six-pack configurations with a variety of on-resistance options.

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