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5 January 2021

k-Space offers new accessory for in-situ metrology tools

k-Space Associates Inc of Dexter, MI, USA – which makes in-situ, ex-situ and in-line thin-film metrology instrumentation for both research and manufacturing of microelectronic, optoelectronic and photovoltaic devices – has added a new accessory, kSA Insight, for its metrology tools.

The tool allows researchers and operators to view their wafers and platen in real-time from within the k-Space software. The imaging system utilizes a high-resolution color camera and is plug-and play compatible with all k-Space thin-film metrology software.

Left: kSA Insight without the protective cover, revealing the camera and optics in the system. Right: protective cover in place as the system would be used in a research or production environment.

“Several customers have requested the ability to see their wafers and platen from their computer screen during deposition, so we designed this tool to seamlessly integrate with their existing k-Space software,” says CEO Darryl Barlett. “So, whether you are running kSA 400, kSA BandiT, kSA MOS, or kSA ICE, you can seamlessly view your platen and wafers with this plug in.”

Customers can adapt the accessory to viewports of various sizes, and the included zoom lens allows for focus over a large range of working distances. The live video can be zoomed in or out, and full-resolution color images can be snapped and stored at any time from within the k-Space software.

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