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27 July 2021

AKHAN fabricates first 300mm diamond wafer

AKHAN Semiconductor Inc of Gurnee, Lake County, IL, USA – which was founded in 2013 and specializes in the fabrication and application of synthetic, lab-grown, electronics-grade diamond as functional semiconductors – has showcased the ability to manufacture 300mm complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) diamond wafers, which, it is reckoned, can enhance power handling, heat management and durability of electronics across industries with little change to fabricators’ existing manufacturing processes.

Due to its inherent properties, diamond is proven to be the most optimal semiconductor material, far exceeding the capabilities of the industry-standard silicon. As the global industry advances beyond Moore’s Law, the ability to produce 300mm diamond wafers is crucial, reckons AKHAN, especially in advanced industries like aerospace, telecommunications, military and defense, and consumer electronics.

“The semiconductor chip shortage has been well documented this year,” notes Tom Lacey, chairman of the Board. “As the US plans to increase chip supply, it is also important to fabricate using the best materials available to enable the best performance,” he adds.

“AKHAN’s 300mm diamond wafer is the foundational building block that will lead to more powerful and durable devices that run cooler, and fabricators only need to make minor updates to their existing manufacturing processes,” says founder Adam Khan. “From weapon systems to spacecrafts, the world’s most sophisticated devices and technologies stand to benefit exponentially from diamond,” he adds. “Now that we’ve proven the ability to manufacture this ideal material on 300mm wafers, fabricators will have access to the most optimal chip material so that their end products perform far more efficiently.”

As the USA assesses the semiconductor supply chain in light of the current global shortage and works to recapture its leadership position within this critical space, policymakers must prioritize the companies that are moving beyond silicon by innovating and developing next-generation chips with materials like diamond, states AKHAN. Beyond diamond’s advanced capabilities, US adversaries understand how powerful diamond can be and are prioritizing the development of the material for advanced weapons usage, the firm adds.

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