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29 July 2021

OIF announces Implementation Agreement for HB-CDM 2.0, enabling coherent solutions to 800G and above

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) has announced the High Bandwidth Coherent Driver Modulator (HB-CDM) 2.0 Implementation Agreement. This latest IA builds on the HB-CDM 1.0 IA, released in November 2018, and leverages the same form factor.

HB-CDM 2.0 follows the integrated laser and coherent receiver standards from OIF in enabling next-generation compact, high-performance coherent networking solutions. Since OIF’s HB-CDM 1.0 was released for 64 Gigabaud (GBd), enabling 400Gbps coherent systems, the market has seen a need for increased network capacity and higher performance. The HB-CDM 2.0 leverages the original Type 1 form factor for compatibility with existing systems and also includes a flexible printed circuit (FPC) as an alternate interface and higher-performance RF pitch options for extended rates for future systems.

“OIF’s HB-CDM 1.0 standard was a critical new component enabling optimized 400G+ metro and long-haul coherent networks, supporting the industry need for more capacity with a standardized footprint, interface and performance,” says Intel’s Richard Ward, technical editor of the OIF HB-CDM 2.0 IA. “The HB-CDM 2.0 is a natural extension covering 128GBd in coherent technology for 800G per wavelength-and-beyond coherent systems,” he adds. “The market demand reinforces OIF’s critical role in creating solutions to fulfill industry requirements and accelerating market adoption of optical networking technologies.”

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