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3 June 2021

II-VI participating at OFC 2021

Engineered materials and optoelectronic component maker II-VI Inc of Saxonburg, PA, USA says that, at the Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC 2021) being held virtually on 6-11 June, the following speakers from the firm will be participating:

Dr Sanjai Parthasarathi, chief marketing officer:

  • Panel: ‘3D Sensing Uses in Consumer and Automotive Markets’, on 10 June (1:30pm PDT).

Dr Martin Zirngibl, chief technologist, Optoelectronics:

  • Short Course: ‘SC486 Optoelectronic Devices for LiDAR and High-BW or 3D Sensing’, on 7 June, (2pm PDT);
  • Market Watch Panel: ‘Terabit WDM Channels – Beyond 100GBaud Operation’, on 8 June (2:30pm PDT);
  • Tech Talk: ‘LiDAR, Boom or Bust?’, on 9 June (1:30pm PDT).

Dr Tsurugi Sudo, senior director of Design Engineering:

  • Invited Speaker: ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Directly Modulated Lasers in Future Datacom, Datacenter, and 5G Networks’, on 8 June (4:30am PDT).

Vipul Bhatt, senior director of Datacom Marketing:

  • Workshop: ‘Are We on the Right Track to Bring Co-Packaged Optics to Its Prime Time?’, on 6 June (1pm PDT);
  • Panel: ‘Next-Generation Optical Interfaces’, on 9 June (1:30pm PDT).

Dr Yasuhiro Matsui, technical staff engineer:

  • Workshop: ‘Which Device Technologies Will Get Us Beyond 400G?’, on 6 June (5pm PDT);
  • Panel: ‘Advanced Laser Technologies in Post-100GBaud Era’, on 10 June (3pm PDT).

Dr Argishti Melikyan, senior principal Silicon Photonics engineer:

  • Symposium Organizer: ‘Emerging Photonic Technologies and Architectures for Femtojoule per Bit Optical Networks’, on 8 June (11am PDT).

Ken Cockerham, product marketing manager:

  • Panel: ‘5G Optics – Mobile Optical Solutions and Standards’, on 10 June (7am PDT).

Dr Chris Cole, II-VI advisor and OFC Technical Program chair:

  • Symposium Organizer: ‘Vision Talks: Beyond 2021 and Towards 2030’, on 7 June (5am PDT);
  • Rump Session Organizer and WDM Team Captain: ‘Did the Optics Industry Blunder by Switching Intra-Datacenter Links From NRZ to PAM-4?’, on 9 June (6am PDT);
  • Symposium Panel: ‘The Role of Machine Learning in Optical Systems and the Role of Optics in Machine Learning Systems’, on 9 June (11am PDT).

During OFC, the firm is also participating as a virtual exhibitor from 7-11 June, showcasing its broad portfolio of optical communications and sensing products. Registered attendees can interact with II-VI booth representatives and access technology demonstration videos enabling the next generation of telecom, datacom, and 3D sensing applications.

OIDA Executive Forum

Separately, chief strategy officer & president of Compound Semiconductors Dr Giovanni Barbarossa is participating in the Business Fireside Chat at the Optical Society of America Industry Development Associates (OIDA) Executive Forum 2021 on 3 June. The virtual chat will feature leaders from the optical networking market providing their unique perspectives on a broad range of industry issues.

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