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1 June 2021

OIF unveils three new projects at Q2/2021 Virtual Meeting

At the second-quarter 2021 Technical and MA&E Committees Meeting of the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF), held virtually on 10-14 May, members initiated three new projects, including a Co-Packaged Optics external laser module, Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Enhanced Network Operations and CEI-112G-Linear.

External Laser Small Form Factor Pluggable (ELSFP) Module Project – companion project to support co-packaged optics applications

This project for a blind-mate pluggable external light source module will define a new form factor optimized to package lasers to support co-packaged optical modules. It also includes provisions for the longevity of this form factor beyond the initial scope of the Co-Packaged Optics Module project (i.e. more fibers, thermal, and optical power classes). 

“The ELSFP project is an important step for enabling co-packaged optics deployments,” says OIF board member Gary Nicholl of Cisco. “The project objectives include the necessary technical considerations to ensure this project will be relevant for multiple generations,” he adds.

Application of Artificial Intelligence to Enhanced Network Operations Project

A healthy and high-performance network serves as the foundation for all 5G application scenarios, notes OIF. Traditional approaches face significant difficulties in automatically and efficiently analyzing network data, solving network faults, and optimizing network performance. This new project will result in a white paper identifying a collection of use cases for applying AI to construct intelligent, resilient and high-performance optical and packet networks.

CEI-112G-Linear Project

A linear chip-to-optical engine interface is needed to enable low-power, low-cost, small-form-factor 112G serial optical modules in co-packaged optics, near package optics (NPO) and server/GPU applications. This new project will facilitate increased bandwidth and reduced power of switch ports using co-packaged and closely packaged optical modules.

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