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7 June 2021

Seoul Viosys’ Violeds technology adopted by South Korea’s largest household appliance company

Seoul Viosys Co Ltd, a subsidiary of South Korea’s Seoul Semiconductor, says that it has applied its Violeds ultraviolet light-emitting diode (UV LED) technology with proven virus disinfection to the All-clean Air Purifier Virus Fit (model ACL-20U1C) of South Korea’s largest household appliance company SK magic.

In Korea, Violeds technology has been applied to over 30 models of household appliance companies such as SK magic. In the USA, it has been supplied to 10 models including RGF, the number-one US in-duct air treatment supplier. In addition, it has been supplied to 30 models in China, other than Haier (a large Chinese home appliance company), 20 models for European home appliance customers, and 30 home appliance solutions in Japan.

“Violeds to disinfect various harmful bacteria using only light that is harmless to the human body has been adopted by more than 120 models of global home appliances companies,” says Seoul Viosys. “As time spent at home has increased due to the social distancing, sterilization technology through household appliances is becoming a must,” the firm notes.

Seoul Viosys has been developing and supplying an integrated air cleaning solution consisting of Violeds’ UV wavelength and titanium dioxide (TiO2) photocatalyst. While the ionizer method, which has been applied to existing home appliances, is limited in use in advanced countries such as the US since it generates harmful ozone to the human body, Seoul Viosys says that its technology is eco-friendly and effectively removes germs and harmful substances through the reaction between the combination of TiO2-UV rays and surrounding oxygen.

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