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12 May 2021

GaN Systems expands automotive product line

GaN Systems Inc of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (a fabless developer of gallium nitride-based power switching semiconductors for power conversion and control applications) has expanded its family of automotive-grade 650V transistors by launching the GS-065-060-5-B-A, a 60A bottom-side-cooled transistor for demanding high-power electric vehicle (EV) applications such as on-board chargers, traction inverters, and DC-DC converters.

The high-frequency properties of GaN combined with GaN Systems’ proprietary Island Technology layout, and GaNPX packaging provides the high-power, low-loss performance required in today’s power electronics. Power engineers take advantage of GaN power transistor features to make their products 50% smaller and lighter and reduce system costs. The new product is AEC-Q101- and AutoQual+-qualified; has a low RDS(on) (25mΩ) and ultra-low-loss figure of merit (FOM); a 60A IDS rating; and a small, 11mm x 9mm PCB footprint with dual gate pads for optimal board layout.

“We’re setting high benchmarks with our new automotive products and qualification testing that exceed industry standards,” says CEO Jim Witham. “Automotive is a key market for GaN Systems, where reducing battery size, extending driving range, and keeping the power electronics systems small and lightweight are all imperative to current and future EV design.”

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