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20 May 2021

IQE expands VCSEL portfolio with turnkey IQVCSEL product line

Epiwafer foundry and substrate maker IQE plc of Cardiff, Wales, UK has launched its IQVCSEL product line of reference vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) epiwafers for the communication and sensing markets.

IQE says that, by partnering with an external, independent third-party designer, its turnkey solution removes the device design burden for customers who do not possess in-house design expertise, thereby facilitating access to leading VCSEL product solutions. The new IQVCSEL solution also ensures that all existing customer designs and IP are fully protected (a core and fundamental principle of IQE's operating model, the firm says).

As the key component for high-speed communications and advanced sensing applications, in recent years the adoption of VCSELs in volume consumer applications for 3D sensing has accelerated technology development and has driven the adoption of VCSELs on larger-diameter (6") substrates. Claiming to be the market leader for 6” VCSEL epiwafers, IQE now has a viable solution for customers who lack device design capability to enter the market through a ready to use ‘drop-in’ solution.

IQVCSEL products have high efficiencies (power and slope), low thresholds, and what is said to be excellent temperature performance. The firm offers the following reference solutions:

  • IQVCSEL 850-25 for 850nm, 25G communication applications including 5G infrastructure;
  • IQVCSEL 850-HP for 850nm, high-power applications; and
  • IQVCSEL 940-HP for 940nm, high-power (3D sensing) applications including facial recognition in mobile devices.

“To allow our customers to respond to the opportunities enabled by VCSEL technology, IQE has evolved and expanded its VCSEL portfolio and we have begun sampling our IQVCSEL product,” notes chief technology officer Dr Rodney Pelzel. “These solutions are a value-add product and a portion of a wider portfolio enabling such applications as 3D sensing, advanced healthcare, and light detection & ranging (LiDAR),” he adds. “It is the breadth and depth of our portfolio which enables our customers to rapidly respond to the market requirements of today and of the future.”

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