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28 September 2021

II-VI Inc wins Excellent Partner Awards from Sumitomo

Engineered materials and optoelectronic component maker II-VI Inc of Saxonburg, PA, USA, which supplier silicon carbide (SiC) substrates and devices, has received two Excellent Partner Awards from Japan’s Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd (SEI) and its subsidiary Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations Inc (SEDI) for its fiscal year 2020.

SEI and SEDI each announced their award, respectively, on 8 September and 15 September, in recognition of II-VI’s responsiveness and scalability, which contributed significantly to the expansion of Sumitomo’s business.

“The awards reflect our strong partnership with Sumitomo and our ability to expand production capacity in response to their needs,” says II-VI’s CEO Dr Chuck Mattera.

“We will continue to strengthen the partnership between our valued suppliers and the Sumitomo Electric Industries Group and strive to further mutually expand our business,” says SEI’s president & chief operating officer Osamu Inoue.

II-VI and Sumitomo are also collaborating to establish a vertically integrated 150mm wafer fabrication platform to manufacture gallium nitride (GaN) on SiC high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) devices that will enable next-generation wireless networks. II-VI’s 150mm compound semiconductor manufacturing, combined with SEDI’s GaN RF device technology, will allow II-VI and SEDI to drive what is claimed to be best-in-class performance, greater scale and competitive costs for 5G RF solutions.

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