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4 April 2022

Lumileds launches LUXEON 3528 RGB LED

Lumileds LLC of San Jose, CA, USA has released its new LUXEON 3528 RGB, a very small, slim RGB LED package that supports a broad range of architectural, decorative and color-changing applications. The white body increases reflectivity and system lumens per watt and system efficiency. The IPX8 water-resistant rating allows for use in moist environments inside or outside a building.

“LUXEON 3258 RGB just makes it easier for our customers to develop innovative color-changing solutions. It does this by offering leading performance in all three colors, by ensuring that the package design and its color optimize efficacy, and by making sure that it can operate in a wide range of environments,” says product marketing manager LP Liew. “With the IPX8 rating and LUXEON reliability and quality, this new LED package is equally at home inside or outdoors. LUXEON 3528 is more than just the sum of its features, it’s the complete RGB package.”

For linear, flexible, and other solutions that also incorporate white, LUXEON 3528 RGB can be easily paired with LUXEON 2835 Architectural white LEDs to optimize color changing in a wide variety of environments.

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