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4 April 2022

Lumileds expands LUXEON 5050 HE LED range with higher CRI and efficacy

Lumileds LLC of San Jose, CA, USA says that, in response to market demands for better outdoor and industrial light and very high efficacy, it is expanding its LUXEON 5050 HE LEDs (launched last November) with new 80 and 90 CRI (color-rendering index) parts while simultaneously increasing the luminous efficacy of the parts that are available in both 6V and 24V configurations.

“When given the choice, OEMs and end-customers want higher-quality light, inside or outside, and they want it to be as efficient as possible,” says product line manager Mei Yi. “While others chose not to offer complete portfolios, we believe that supporting the broad range of applications, regional preferences and requirements for light is the correct approach,” he adds. “Thanks to our phosphor, chip and package expertise, we are able to provide the range, quality and robustness to support the most demanding applications.”

LUXEON 5050 HE delivers what is claimed to be industry-leading lm/W performance in high-sulphur environments. Its footprint compatibility makes it easy to design into existing and new platforms, says Lumileds. In particular, LUXEON 5050 HE is suitable for outdoor, industrial and horticulture applications where robustness, longevity and efficacy are the driving attribute.

LUXEON 5050 HE is immediately available in versions with correlated color temperatures (CCTs) of 2200–6500K with a color-rendering index (CRI) of 70 or 80, and CCTs of 2700–5700K with 90 CRI. The LED is characterized for both illumination and horticulture applications with lumen and efficacy ratings as well as photosynthetic photon flux, PPF (μmol/s), and PPF/W (µmol/J).

Production orders can be placed now for short lead-time delivery through Lumileds’ distribution network.

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