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20 April 2022

Seoul Viosys obtains permanent injunction against home electronics retailer Namsung America

Ultraviolet LED product maker Seoul Viosys Co Ltd (SVC, a subsidiary of South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd) says that the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida issued a permanent injunction against Namsung America Inc, which sold home electronics incorporating UV LEDs manufactured and supplied by SL Vionics Co Ltd (previously Semicon Light).

SVC says that, prior to the lawsuit, Namsung ignored its repeated notices of patent infringement. Since 2020, SVC has been requesting that companies stop selling SL Vionics’ LED products. The firm believes that SL Vionics’ LED products infringe its proprietary Violeds technology, which SVC invented and has been utilizing to produce its UV LED products. When Namsung continued selling products after notice, SVC filed the lawsuit, which asserted infringement of 11 patents.

The court’s permanent injunction order applies to any colorable variations of the infringing products, as well as any parties who are in active concert or participation with making or selling such products.

“There are companies that seek to increase their profits by using other companies’ patented technology,” says SVC’s CEO Young-joo Lee. “It seeks to cheat inventors everywhere who have invested and believed in their ideas.”

SVC says that, to protect its technology and promote a fair marketplace, it actively pursues enforcement against suspected infringing UV LED products worldwide. As an example, it recently instigated a search and seizure of suspected infringing products against FNAC Darty Group, a large European retailer, and subsequently filed a patent infringement lawsuit in France. SVC also filed a patent infringement lawsuit against a European distribution company in the Netherlands, seeking a preliminary injunction against its UV LED products.

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