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16 December 2022

CrayoNano releases preliminary lifetime results for CrayoLED CLH-N3S

CrayoNano AS of Trondheim, Norway – which develops and manufactures semiconductor components based on patented and proprietary nanomaterials technology – has released the preliminary results of the CrayoLED CLH-N3S H-Series UV-C LED room-temperature operating life (RTOL) test conducted by an independent, accredited third-party testing and qualification lab.

The lifetime testing aims to demonstrate the quality and reliability of the CrayoLED and generate data to predict the LED’s lifetime until it reaches 70% of its original power output based on TM-21 modeling. The RTOL testing follows the EIAJ-ED-4701/100(101) standard, an industry-accepted test method to measure output power maintenance of LED packages. The CrayoLED CLH-N3S LEDs are tested at the standard forward driving current, 350mA per LED, under continuous operation for a minimum of 6000 hours. The test condition and set-up consist of the CLH-N3S LED mounted on an aluminium metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB), attached to an aluminium heat-sink for thermal management, and running inside a temperature-controlled chamber.

CrayoNano has demonstrated after 3000 hours (about four months) that the CLH-N3S UV-C LED at 350mA has maintained an average performance output of 79.3%. This preliminary test data is extrapolated based on the TM-21 model and predicts an estimated lifetime of more than 10,000 hours.

CrayoNano says that this unprecedented lifetime in a small-footprint, high-power-density UV-C LED will enable solutions in challenging applications requiring better performance and where maintenance is difficult — reducing customers’ total cost of ownership. The firm adds that the corroborated data reinforce its customers’ confidence in CrayoLED quality, robustness and reliability for an efficient design-in and product qualification processes. The CrayoLED is available immediately from stock for sampling and volume quantities.

“We have taken great care in creating the CrayoLED —optimizing our LED package design and assembly technology using higher-quality materials, combined with our understanding of the thermal efficiencies and performance of LEDs,” says chief product officer Alejandro Basauri.

The CrayoLED is a high-power UV-C LED with compact footprint, offering what is claimed to be the highest power density with a 10,000 hour lifetime.  It is optimized for disinfection with a typical peak wavelength of 275nm. Its small package footprint (3.5mm x 3.5mm) and high-power performance (typical 80mW optical power at 350mA) easily integrates into systems for residential, commercial and industrial segments, enabling system miniaturization and longer-lasting solutions.

CrayoNano says that it will continue testing until the results have reached 6000 hours to complete the TM-21 testing criteria. “Quality and reliability are key factors for solutions towards automated disinfection solutions,” notes Basauri.

The CrayoLED H-series (CLH-N3S) is available in both sample quantities and in stock for volume production.

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