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23 February 2022

‘Semiconductors 4 Photonics’ webinar to take place on 8 March

Organized in partnership with Holland Semiconductors, High Tech NL, and supported by the Welsh Government, the ‘Semiconductors 4 Photonic’ webinar on 8 March will explore the future potential of the semiconductor-enabled photonics markets, and focus on building and strengthening existing relationships between the UK and Netherlands.

Compound semiconductor materials play a key role in driving photonics applications of today and tomorrow. They have been at the forefront of the revolution in image sensing and will continue to support innovations in photonics applications. Two of the biggest future developments for photonics applications enabled by compound semiconductor materials are in healthcare wearable devices to monitor diseases and infections (including glucose levels and coronaviruses) and in remote sensing technology (used for accurate dimensional measuring, object scanning for replication by 3D printing, and the virtual placement of objects for augmented reality apps such as shopping and gaming).

According to a recent report from the UK Photonics Leadership Group, companies manufacturing and delivering services based on photonics technology in the UK produced £14.5bn in output in 2020 and contributed £6.5bn of gross added-value to the UK economy annually, employing 76,700 people in the UK at a productivity of £85,000 per employee. This is comparable to the pharmaceutical and fintech industries, making it one of the most important sectors for the UK economy, the report notes.

For more information on the webinar, see the website below of the CSconnected compound semiconductor cluster in South Wales.

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