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15 February 2022

Navitas GaN ICs to be highlighted at APEC

At the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC 2022) in Houston, TX, USA (20-24 March), gallium nitride (GaN) power integrated circuit firm Navitas Semiconductor of El Segundo, CA, USA and Dublin, Ireland will highlight technology for mobile fast chargers, plus expansion into higher-power markets including data-center, solar and electric vehicles (EVs).

GaN runs up to 20x faster than silicon and enables up to 3x more power, 40% energy savings and 3x faster charging in half the size and weight, says Navitas. GaNFast power ICs integrate GaN power and drive plus protection and control circuitry to deliver simple, small, fast and efficient performance. Over 145 Navitas patents are issued or pending, and over 35 million GaNFast power ICs have been shipped with zero reported field failures since the firm was founded in 2014.

In exhibition booth #1616, Navitas will feature the latest GaNFast power IC technology, including the CES Innovation Award-winning GaNSense technology. Mobile fast and ultra-fast chargers from Dell, Lenovo, Xiaomi, LG, vivo and many others will be displayed from the more than 160 in production today, plus new names to be revealed. Beyond chargers, new hardware will show advances in higher-power applications such as high-efficiency data-center power and fast-charging EVs. Next-generation prototype hardware and roadmap technology will be shared with customer partners under NDA in an adjacent private suite (Marriot Marquis).

Throughout the event visitors can experience ultra-fast charging at the GaNFast Giveaway, with a chance to win GaNFast chargers from sponsors Spigen, Baseus, UGREEN, Angry Miao and UIBI, and enter the Navitas 2022 competition to win a Tesla Model 3 Performance, worth over $60,000.

Navitas presentations during APEC 2022 are as follows:

22 March
1:45pm, Exhibitor Seminar, room 361 DEF: ‘GaNFast Power ICs: Electrify Our World’ – Dan Kinzer, Navitas COO/CTO & co-founder.

23 March
9:45am, IS06.4: ‘GaN Adoption, Market-by-Market’ – Stephen Oliver, VP corporate marketing & investor relations;
4:45pm, IS13.6: ‘Advancement on GaN Power IC System Integration’ - Victor Sinow, senior principal design engineer, and Marco Giandalia, VP IC design;
4:45pm, IS14.6: ‘GaN Half-Bridge ICs Enable Next Gen Mid-Power, Multi-Port, High-Density Charger Topologies’ – Tom Ribarich, senior director strategic marketing.

24 March
1:45pm, IS21.x: ‘SiC and GaN Product and Technology reliability, Robustness and Qualification’ – session co-chair Anthony Schiro, VP quality & sustainability.

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