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24 February 2022

Open Eye Consortium releases 400Gbps and 800Gbps long-reach and short-reach specs

The Open Eye Consortium multi-source agreement (Open Eye MSA) has announced the public availability of its 100Gbps-per-lane, long-reach, single-mode specification and MSA internal availability of its 100Gbps-per-lane, short-reach, multi-mode specification. The specifications are optimized for low-power, low-cost solutions enabling hyper-scale 400Gbps and 800Gbps data-center connectivity. The new specifications complement the Open Eye MSA’s previously released single- and multi-mode specifications.

The Open Eye MSA aims to accelerate the adoption of PAM4 optical interconnects scaling to 50Gbps, 100Gbps, 200Gbps, 400Gbps and 800Gbps by expanding upon existing industry standards to enable optical module implementations using less complex, lower-cost, lower-power and optimized analog clock and data recovery (CDR)-based architectures in addition to existing digital signal processing (DSP) architectures.

The public release of the 100Gbps-per-lane single-mode specification is targeted for 4x100Gbps WDM modules for 3km-reach applications (400G-FR4-3). The specification enables the use of analog-based and DSP technologies to deliver lower-cost, lower-power and lower-latency optical modules to address growing hyperscale data centers and artificial intelligence (AI)-clusters requirements.

The 100Gbps-per-lane multi-mode specification is targeted for 400Gbps SR4-Lite and 800Gbps SR8-Lite applications. Optimized for lower-power and lower-cost solutions for high-volume hyperscale data centers, the new specification defines 50m reach at 850nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) wavelength over OM4 fiber, as well as 30m-reach at 940nm VCSEL wavelength over OM4 and OM5 fiber.

In addition to these released specifications, the MSA has commenced work on multi-lane, 100Gbps-per-lane, 3km parallel single-mode (PSM) fiber specifications optimized for hyperscale cloud data-center connectivity. The MSA welcomes input from the end-user community on these new specifications.

The Open Eye MSA hosted a technical webinar highlighting the two new specifications on 23 February 2.

A white paper is available to view and download for interested parties to learn more about the Open Eye’s MSA mission and latest technical information.

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