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2 February 2022

Riber’s full-year 2021 revenue up 3% to €31.2m, as Services & Accessories compensate for restricted export licenses for MBE Systems

Riber S.A. of Bezons, France – which manufactures molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems as well as evaporation sources and effusion cells – has reported full-year revenue up 3%, from €30.2m in 2020 to €31.2m for 2021. Of total revenue, 31% came from Europe, 59% from Asia, 9% from North America, and 1% from other regions.

Most recently, revenue in fourth-quarter 2021 was €15.4m, up 21% on €12.7m a year ago and more than doubling from €6.6m last quarter.

Due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, seasonality increased significantly, with a focus on the second half of the year, especially for the Systems business.

Systems revenue was down 4% on 2020’s €18.2m to €17.4m for full-year 2021, due to the French authorities’ refusal to grant several export licenses for orders amounting to €9m. Eight MBE systems (four production and four research units) were delivered, compared with 10 in 2020 (four production and six research units).

Revenue for Services & Accessories rose by 15% from €12m to a record €13.8m (44.2% of total revenue). Riber says that this successful strategic development is helping to further strengthen its robust positions with its R&D and production clients, while also ramping up recurring revenue across its fleet of machines.

Earnings results for full-year 2021 will be released on 13 April, but Riber confirms its forecast of an operating income of €1.2m.

System orders up 39%

The order book rose by 3% from €14.4m at end-2000 to €14.8m at end-2021.

Specifically, orders for MBE Systems grew by 39% from €5.7m to €7.9m (including three systems to be delivered in 2022). This does not include an additional order recorded at the start of 2022 and three orders pending export licenses.

Following the major deliveries at the end of 2021, orders for Services & Accessories fell by 21% from €8.7m at the end of 2000, but remained at a good level of €6.9m end-2021.

Riber says that, in a buoyant semiconductor market, the dynamics of its order intake point to growth in revenue in 2022.

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