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21 January 2022

II-VI Inc wins Excellent Supplier Award from Han’s Laser

Engineered materials and optoelectronic component maker II-VI Inc of Saxonburg, PA, USA, which manufactures high-power semiconductor lasers, has received the Excellent Supplier Award 2021 from Shenzhen Han’s Laser Diodes Technology.

The award was presented on 24 December by Han’s Laser Diodes Technology general manager Jian Li in recognition of the excellent performance and reliability of the supply of II-VI’s high-power laser diode pump chips and seed modules.

“Global customers like Han’s Laser are leveraging our competitiveness and ability to scale to a vertically integrated 6-inch platform over the last few years,” says Dr Karlheinz Gulden, senior VP, Laser Devices and Systems business unit.

II-VI’s pump laser diodes are offered as bare dies and mounted chips, and seeds as fiber-coupled 10-pin or 3-pin modules. The firm’s broad portfolio of components for industrial lasers includes acousto-optic modulators, fiber Bragg gratings, kilowatt pump and signal combiners, as well as IBS-coated laser optics and micro-optics for high-power isolators.

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