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26 January 2022

Lumileds boosts retail lighting efficacy by 3-5% lm/Watt for 90 and 95CRI LUXEON CoBs with CrispWhite technology

LED maker Lumileds LLC of San Jose, CA, USA has announced substantial performance improvements for its 90 and 95 CRI LUXEON CoBs with CrispWhite technology. Now, the two color rendering index (CRI) versions offer light output within 1-2% of each other and efficacy within 1-2 lumens per Watt. Lumileds says that its patented CrispWhite technology brings a vivid and bright look to retail settings. Its ability to highlight bright whites while also revealing the richest colors found in clothing, paints and other goods results in more inviting and attractive displays, it is claimed.

Lumileds says that CrispWhite Technology has proven to be stable and reliable. The firm adds that it developed the technology so that it would improve color rendering without sacrificing efficacy, and it continues to improve this technology in its CoB (chip-on-board) products.

With CrispWhite Technology, whites appear brighter and sharper – like they do in outdoor lighting conditions – than is possible with standard LEDs. Also, with 95CRI, color fidelity is as good as it gets, the firm claims. LUXEON CoBs with CrispWhite Technology are available with light-emitting surfaces (LES) of 6-19mm at a correlated color temperature of (CCT) of 3000K and with CRI of 90 or 95.

“We’ve seen widespread adoption of CrispWhite Technology and now, with 95CRI performance breaking the 100 lumens per Watt level, we’re seeing a majority of new designs adopt the higher-CRI option,” says Keen Oun Yap, senior product manager. “We expect this product to increasingly be the standard for retail environments in which specifiers and merchandisers do not want to compromise on fidelity or accuracy of colors and whites.”

LUXEON CrispWhite Technology was developed specifically for retail applications utilizing downlights and spotlights where store owners and retail customers desire the most accurate color representation. This is achieved with the LUXEON CoBs, says Lumiileds.

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