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26 January 2022

Lumileds adds cyan to LUXEON Rubix LED family

LED maker Lumileds LLC of San Jose, CA, USA has added cyan, its eighth color, to the LUXEON Rubix high-power LED family, enabling multi-color driven systems to produce very high-CRI (color rendering index) white light (important for entertainment lighting). Adding the cyan LED fills a significant wavelength gap between blue and green in a system and accounts for the significant increase in CRI.

“We love the finesse cyan contributes to skin tone rendering and the increased gamut and spectral tunability in the blue-green area,” comments Wendy Luedtke, ETC Product Technology Specialist – Color.

“Cyan delivers the exact wavelength range necessary to take white light to the next level in entertainment lighting,” says senior product marketing manager LP Liew. “Size, power and color options drive new designs and ideas in entertainment lighting. With cyan in the LUXEON Rubix portfolio, we have the small size, power and colors to ensure that there’s no need to settle for good enough white light.”

LUXEON Rubix is a 3A, 1.4mm x 1.4mm high-power LED: Cyan, Blue, Royal Blue, Red, PC Amber, Lime, Green, and 5700K White in a 3A, 1414 package. The entire LUXEON Rubix portfolio is available today through Lumileds distribution partners.

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