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29 June 2022

AquiSense develops first UV-C LED municipal water treatment system for North America

AquiSense Technologies LLC of Erlanger, KY, USA (which designs and manufactures water, air and surface disinfection systems based on UV-C LEDs) has developed the PearlAqua Tera, the first North American UV LED disinfection system designed for municipal and industrial markets. The first installation of the Tera is set for the Las Vegas Valley Water District, which is well known for innovative solutions for water treatment. The installation is scheduled for first-quarter 2022, with more orders to follow from a variety of municipalities and industrial leaders.

The PearlAqua Tera offers operational benefits specific to LEDs (robust design, mercury free, and low cost-of-ownership) and provides chemical-free disinfection in a small, self-contained unit that features automatic on/off switching in addition to advanced thermal management. It offers municipal- and industrial-level disinfection with flowrates up to 6MGD (22,712m3/D).

“This product launch - paired with our PearlAqua Deca - provides the market with competitive alternatives to traditional water treatment technologies,” says CEO Oliver Lawal.

Tags: UV LEDs