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27 June 2022

III-V Epi’s revenue coming mostly from high-growth industrial customers for ongoing production

III-V Epi Ltd of Glasgow, Scotland, UK says, in the last year, that most of its revenue has come from devices supplied for industrial applications with ongoing production requirements, demonstrating that it has met a clear need in the global photonics industry as a trusted manufacturer of prototype and lower-volume III-V epitaxial structures by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) and metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD).

“As much as 90% of III-V Epi’s turnover is coming from industrial customers in high-growth telecoms, datacoms, additive manufacturing, LiDAR [light detection & ranging] and multiple optical sensing industries,” notes director Calum McGregor. “This is great commercially, as these customers are typically using our devices within live product ranges with growing supply requirements. This industrial business is also informed by the fast-turnaround academic projects that make up the remainder of our portfolio,” he adds. “Industrial customers are using our specialist range of design, manufacture, test and characterization services to expedite device manufacture and bring new products to market as quickly as possible.”

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