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29 June 2022

POET makes available 400G FR4 and 800G (2x400G FR4) receive optical engines for QSFP-DD and OSFP transceivers in cloud data centers

POET Technologies Inc of Toronto, Ontario, Canada has announced the availability of its 400G FR4 and 800G (2x400G FR4) receive (RX) optical engines based on the POET Optical Interposer, a unique hybrid integration photonics packaging platform.

The firm has shipped samples to multiple lead customers and expects the 400G FR4 receive optical engine to be in production by the end of third-quarter 2022 at Super Photonics (its China-based joint venture formed in October 2020 with Sanan Integrated Circuit Co Ltd of Xiamen City, Fujian province).

The 400G FR4 receive optical engine integrates four 56Gigabaud photodetectors each operating at 100Gb/s speed with a low-loss AWG (arrayed waveguide grating)-based demultiplexer that is monolithically integrated on the Optical Interposer. A single-mode optical fiber with LC connector is attached to the optical engine for seamless integration in a 400GBASE-FR4 transceiver module.

“We are excited to announce the completion of design, verification testing and availability of pre-production parts for customers to take advantage of our highly integrated optical engines to build 400G FR4 and 800G (2x400G FR4) transceivers,” says president Vivek Rajgarhia. “Our small form factor and easy-to-integrate optical engine enables cost-effective and scalable solutions for cloud data centers. Customers can integrate a single receive engine or dual engines in a QSFP-DD or OSFP pluggable transceiver form factor to achieve a 400GBASE-FR4 or 800G (2x400GBASE-FR4) solution,” he adds. “The shipping of 400G receive samples marks a significant milestone for the company, as we continue to commercialize multiple products and align them with the needs of customers.”

Key features of the 400G FR4 receive optical engine include:

  • Four 56Gigabaud photodetectors each operating at 100Gb/s speed, flip-chipped onto the Optical Interposer and coupled passively to vertical mirrors embedded in the Optical Interposer;
  • A low-loss AWG-based quad-wavelength demultiplexer that is polarization independent, temperature independent and is monolithically integrated into the optical waveguide layer of the Optical Interposer;
  • A small size (3.8mm x 10mm) form factor, which enables an 800G optical engine in a 2x400G configuration in both QSFP-DD800 and OSFP optical transceiver modules; and
  • LC connectorized single-mode fiber attached to the optical engine.

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