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22 June 2022

Qorvo adds 2W S-band and 4W C-band MMIC power amplifiers for radar systems

Qorvo Inc of Greensboro, NC, USA (which provides core technologies and RF solutions for mobile, infrastructure and defense applications) has introduced two power amplifiers (PAs) offering superior power-added efficiency (PAE) for radar systems.

The QPA2935 is a 2W S-band (2.7–3.5GHz) MMIC PA with PAE of 52%. The QPA0506 is a 4W C-band (5.0–6.0GHz) MMIC PA with PAE of 53%. Both have large-signal gain of 18dB. With package dimensions of 4mm x 4mm, both are footprint compatible with the predecessor devices TGA2597-SM and TGA2599-SM, enabling a simple drop-in replacement option to instantly improve system performance in power and efficiency. The devices offer flexible bias points, giving users the ability to increase RF power as well.

“These new PAs expand the wide range of applications served by Qorvo’s defense and aerospace portfolio,” says Doug Cole, general manager of Qorvo’s Defense and Aerospace business. “The QPA2935 and QPA0506 each provide best-in-market power-added efficiency for 2-4W and 4-5W amplifiers, providing a simple means to a 20-percentage-point efficiency upgrade with drop-in pin-compatibility.”

The QPA2935 and QPA0506 are available in production quantities now.

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