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10 March 2022

GaN Systems showcasing power electronics solutions at APEC

In booth #1324 at the 37th annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC 2022) in Houston, Texas (20-24 March), GaN Systems Inc of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (a fabless developer of gallium nitride-based power switching semiconductors for power conversion and control applications) is showcasing its lineup of power electronics solutions, including the following:

  • GaN chargers: The firm will showcase what are claimed to be the world’s smallest 65W and 100W GaN chargers and a wide range of optimized chargers for smartphones, laptops and other consumer devices spanning from 45W to 240W from Dell, Philips, Harman and other leading brands. GaN Systems’ array of charger reference designs that support faster time-to-market will be on display, including the 65W QR GaN charger, 100W Dual USB-C Intelligent PD GaN charger, and 250W AC/DC GaN adapter.
  • GaN Audio: GaN Systems will showcase the Syng Alpha Cell (one of TIME's 100 Best Inventions of 2021) and highlight solutions providing Class-D audio with products like Orchard Audio’s Starkrimson Stereo Ultra amplifier and all-in-one Starkrimson Streamer Ultra, as well as the new 500W Heatsinkless Audio Amplifier from Axign and GaN Systems. Additionally, the firm will showcase its 400W Class-D audio reference design and its new 300W boost converter reference design for automotive, motorcycle and marine applications.
  • EV power solutions: GaN Systems will showcase onboard charger, traction inverter and DC-to-DC converter implementations. The firm is building on this with partners Vitesco Technologies and USI for next-generation powertrain solutions. “GaN transistors help to minimize heat losses, particularly the switching losses at the high switching frequencies we require,” notes Dr Gerd Rösel, head of innovation in Vitesco’s Electrification Technology business unit. “GaN components outperform silicon chips in every respect,” he comments.
  • Transistors, power module solutions and more: GaN Systems’ newest generation of high-performance, lower-cost transistors will be shown. Several high-power and IPM form-factor power modules will be on display for applications in the industrial and EV segments that require much higher power.

To give an in-depth review of managing thermals in high-density applications, GaN Systems will present a technical session ‘Thermal Design Considerations for GaN-Based Power Adapters with Multi-Heat Sources’ on 22 March (9:10–9:30am Central Time) at Location 361ABC.

“Efficient power generation, distribution and conversion are key factors in driving sustainability and reducing emissions, and GaN is more efficient and more cost-effective than both silicon and silicon carbide,” says Paul Wiener, VP of strategic marketing. “The power industry is rapidly transitioning to GaN for best-in-class efficiency, design flexibility, costs, and more. We see rapid adoption across all of our target markets – automotive, consumer, enterprise and industrial.”

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