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6 March 2022

Lumentum presents at OFC

Lumentum Holdings Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (which designs and makes photonics products for optical networks and lasers for industrial and consumer markets) says that, at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC 2022) in San Diego (6-10 March), several of its thought leaders are presenting on next-generation solutions and leading-edge trends in the optical communications industry, as follows:

6 March
(1:00-3:30pm PST, Room 7AB) – ‘Time to Face the Cost Per Bit “Crunch”: Trends and Expectations for the Next Decade’ – Workshop, by chief technology officer Brandon Collings;
(1:00-3:30pm PST, Room 6C) – ‘Disaggregating Lasers - Why, Where and When? Is Paradigm Shift from Pluggable Optics to Co-Packaged Optics Inevitable in the Next Generation of Datacenters?’ – Workshop, by Ted Schmidt, senior director, Next-Generation Applications.

7 March
(4:10-5:20pm PST, Hilton SD Bayfront Hotel) – ‘Just in Time or Just in Case: Building a Resilient Supply Chain in a Post-COVID World’ – Optica Executive Forum - Business Fireside Chat, by president & CEO Alan Lowe;
(5:15-5:30pm PST, Room 6C) – ‘Over 100 mW Uncooled Operation of SOA-Integrated 1.3-μm Highly Reliable CW-DFB Laser’ – Session M4D: ‘Semiconductor Lasers - Technical Paper and Presentation’, by optical engineer Shoko Yokokawa;
(8-8:30am PST, Room 6C) – ‘Role of Coherent System in the Next DCI Generation’ – Track D1: ‘Advances in prototype and product developments of components and subsystems for data centers and optical networks’ – presentation by Dan Tauber, director, Systems Engineering.

9 March
(1:30-2:30pm PST, Theater II) – ‘Tunable Optical Transceivers for 5G Fronthaul’ – Panel ‘Evolution of Optics for Mobile (MOPA)’ by David Lewis, technologist, Optical Communications.

10 March
(12:30-2pm PST, Theater I) – ‘Technology Challenges for 3.2TB/s Coherent Transceivers’ – Panel ‘Building the Next Generation 3.2T Transceiver’, by Beck Mason, senior VP & general manager, Telecom Transmission.

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