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10 March 2022

Nexperia showcasing power electronics at APEC

In booth #534 at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC 2022) in Houston, TX, USA (20-24 March), Nexperia B.V. of Nijmegen, the Netherlands (a subsidiary of Wingtech Technology Co Ltd) is demonstrating its latest developments in power electronics, spanning a range of recent innovations including:


  • a Ricardo electric vehicle (EV) inverter containing Nexperia’s power GaN FET technology;
  • a Shanghai E-Drive EV inverter containing Nexperia’s power GaN FET technology in a copper-clip SMD package CCPAK;
  • Nexperia’s evaluation board for benchmarking dynamic performance of 650V SiC rectifiers.

Next-generation support tools for power design engineers

  • precision electro-thermal models for MOSFETs enabling early design validation;
  • interactive application notes and a MOSFET and GaN FET application handbook.

On 23 March, in conference room 360 DEF, Nexperia’s live expo talks will focus on its expanding portfolio of power products:

Nexperia introduces Power GaN FETs

At 1:00-1:30pm, GaN applications director Jim Honea will deliver a talk that provides a brief overview of Nexperia’s high-voltage GaN FET technology and product portfolio, including the CCPAK copper-clip surface-mount package and some useful tips for successful applications.

Nexperia introduces SiC Schottky diodes

At 1:45-2:15pm, technical applications manager Upal Sengupta will give a talk introducing Nexperia’s SiC Schottky diodes that will include a benchmarking performance comparison along with an efficiency analysis in an 800W PFC topology. Additional details about Nexperia’s SiC diode portfolio and product roadmap will also be presented.

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