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15 March 2022

POET responds to Shenzhen COVID lockdown

POET Technologies Inc of Toronto, Ontario, Canada — a designer and developer of the POET Optical Interposer and photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for the data-center and telecom markets — has reported that, as a response to the temporary lockdown resulting from a COVID-19 outbreak in Shenzhen, critical development activities have been absorbed by Singapore and other locations.

“Over the past two years, we have established redundancy for critical activities in Singapore, Shenzhen and Allentown, Pennsylvania, both to accelerate development and to cope with COVID-19 lockdowns,” notes CEO Dr Suresh Venkatesan. “On Sunday 13 March 2022 our operation in Shenzhen, China was notified that it would be shut down until at least 20 March, due to a COVID-19 outbreak in that city. We promptly tasked both Singapore and our joint venture Super Photonics Xiamen with the task of continuing to build samples for customers,” he adds. “Because we have been well prepared for such a contingency, we do not believe this temporary lockdown will have any effect on our planned delivery schedule to customers, prospective customers or business partners.”

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