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12 May 2022

China’s Innoscience and Taiwan’s WPG sign global distribution agreement

Innoscience Technology of Suzhou, China has signed a global distribution agreement with WPG Holdings of Taipei, Taiwan (the world’s largest electronics distributor, according to Gartner Research, with 5000 staff in 80 sales offices), giving customers worldwide access to its high- and low-voltage normally-off (enhancement-mode) GaN high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMTs).

Founded in December 2015 with main investment from CMBI, ARM, SK and CATL, Innoscience first established a mass-production 8-inch wafer line for GaN-on-silicon devices in Zhuhai National Hi-Tech District in November 2017, then inaugurated a new facility in Suzhou in September 2020. With 1400+ staff and over 300 R&D specialists, the firm now claims to be the largest integrated device manufacturer (IDM) fully focused on GaN technology, with two wafer fabs including what is claimed to be the world’s largest dedicated 8-inch GaN-on-Si site. Innoscience is now delivering GaN power devices that can be used in applications including cloud computing, electric vehicles (EV) and automotive, portable devices, mobile phones, chargers and adapters.

“Our aim is to ensure that every power electronics designer – no matter where they are based – can benefit from the efficiency, power and size advantages that GaN technology brings. That is why we have invested in huge capacity – the largest in the world,” claims Dr Denis Marcon, general manager, Innoscience Europe. “Distribution is also a big part of our plans, and we are excited and honoured to announce WPG – the world’s largest semiconductor distributor – as our first global supply chain partner,” he adds.

“GaN is set for explosive growth as all markets – consumer, communications, automotive, industrial – experience the leap forward in end-product performance they can achieve by switching from traditional silicon-based power devices to GaN,” comments Nigel Watts, vice president, WPG EMEA. “Innoscience is the world’s largest 8-inch GaN-on-Si device manufacturer with a capacity of 10,000 8-inch wafers per month (wpm) – which is set to grow to 70,000wpm by 2025. Therefore it is fitting that Innoscience has signed a global franchise deal with WPG,” he adds. “Product is available now, and lead-times are far better than the traditional silicon alternatives. Design now and manufacture sooner.”

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