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11 May 2022

Navitas upgrades GaN IC power by 50% for EV, solar and data-center applications

GaN power integrated circuit firm Navitas Semiconductor of El Segundo, CA, USA and Dublin, Ireland has launched the NV6169, a new high-power 650/800V-rated GaNFast power IC with GaNSense technology to address higher-power applications such as 400-1000W 4K/8K TVs and displays, next-generation gaming systems, 500W solar micro-inverters, 1.2kW data-center SMPS (switched-mode power supplies), and up to 4kW/5hp motor drives.

GaN runs 20x faster than traditional silicon and enables up to 3x the power or 3x faster charging with up to 40% energy savings in just half the size and weight. Navitas’ GaNFast power ICs with GaNSense technology integrate power, drive and control circuits with additional autonomous-protection and loss-less current-sensing to deliver simple, small, fast and now even higher-power performance for mobile, consumer, enterprise, eMobility and new-energy markets.

The 45mΩ NV6169 features a 36% reduction in on-resistance (RDS(ON)), delivering 50% more power than prior designs, in an industry-standard, low-profile, low-inductance, 8mm x 8mm PQFN package for high-efficiency, high-density power systems.

“Over 50 million GaN power chips have been shipped to customers including Samsung, Dell, Lenovo and Xiaomi with zero reported GaN-related field failures, and GaNSense technology enables real-time, accurate sensing of voltage, current and temperature to further improve total system performance and robustness,” says Navitas’ co-founder & chief operating officer/chief technology officer Dan Kinzer. “Unprotected, so-called ‘discrete’ GaN or silicon chips can’t match Navitas’ performance and reliability and, by offering the NV6169, we extend our reach into higher-power applications such as data centers, solar and electric vehicles (EVs) – with an unprecedented 20-year limited warranty to accelerate GaN adoption into these more-demanding systems.”

The NV6169 is claimed to be the highest-power-rated IC from the third-generation integrated GaN platform. GaNFast power ICs with GaNSense technology feature what are reckoned to be GaN-industry-first features such as loss-less current sensing and the world’s fastest short-circuit protection, with a ‘detect-to-protect’ speed of only 30ns (6x faster than discrete solutions). In motor-drive applications, GaN ICs deliver up to 40% energy savings versus silicon IGBTs, eliminate 30 external components, and increase system efficiency by 8%, the firm adds.

Unlike competing solutions, it is claimed, the NV6169 is rated at 650V for nominal operation plus an 800V peak-rating for robust operation during transient events. As a truly integrated power IC, the GaN gate is fully protected and the whole device is rated at an industry-leading electrostatic discharge (ESD) specification of 2kV.

The NV6169 is available immediately to customers under NDA. Mass-production lead times are currently 6-16 weeks. Simulation models (PSPICE/LTSPICE/SiMetrix), 3D package model (STP) and application note (AN-0016) are available to designers to optimize next-generation systems.

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