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19 May 2022

Nexperia and KYOCERA AVX partner on GaN automotive power modules

Nexperia B.V. of Nijmegen, the Netherlands (a subsidiary of Wingtech Technology Co Ltd) has announced a partnership covering gallium nitride (GaN) automotive power modules with KYOCERA AVX Components (Salzburg) GmbH, which designs, develops, manufactures and supplies electronic components for the automotive industry. The agreement is the next step in the long-lasting relationship between the two companies and will focus on power components with the aim of jointly developing GaN applications for electric vehicles (EV).

As passenger vehicles become increasingly electrified, the demand for power semiconductors to provide efficient power conversion at increasingly higher power densities is also growing. High-voltage power GaN field-effect transistors (FETs), when combined with innovative packaging technologies, can address the requirements for better efficiency, higher power density and reduced system cost, say the firms. GaN power devices not only offer superior performance in these applications but now also provide the reliability, robustness and manufacturability expected of a mainstream technology serving a broad range of applications across multiple market segments. Nexperia manufactures GaN devices in its own facilities using mature mass-production techniques that have been proven to meet the reliability requirements for devices to achieve AEC-Q101 certification.

“We are very pleased to finally turn our successful and long-lasting relationship into a real partnership to strengthen KYOCERA AVX’s strategy to provide high-quality automotive-compliant modules,” comments Thomas Rinschede, deputy VP Sensing and Control Division at KYOCERA AVX Components (Salzburg). “Nexperia is a trusted and reliable partner who can deliver high-performance GaN and has shown a strong record in producing devices for the automotive market,” he adds.

“GaN devices bring many benefits to EV applications including increased power density, improved efficiency and lower overall system cost,” notes Carlos Castro, VP & general manager GaN at Nexperia. “However, optimized packaging technology is required in order to more fully realize the benefits of GaN devices, especially in high-power systems,” he adds. “Nexperia recognizes the advanced technology offering and leading position which KYOCERA AVX holds in the automotive industry and believes that this joint collaboration in the development of GaN automotive power modules will enable both companies to deliver superior EV power systems solutions.”

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