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17 November 2022

SUSS MicroTec launches 300mm imprint platform

S√úSS MicroTec SE of Garching, near Munich, Germany (which makes photomask aligners, laser processing systems and wafer bonders) has extended its imprint technology to 300mm wafers and launched its new mask aligner MA12 Gen3 at the SEMICON Europa 2022 show in Munich. The addition to the product portfolio combines photolithography, micro- to nano-imprint, and wafer-level stacking within a compact tool.

As a semi-automated mask aligner, the MA12 Gen3 opens up a large variety of imprint applications to research, pilot and high-volume manufacturing. Its imprint processing capabilities for standard, advanced and high-end processes enable technology trends such as face or fingerprint recognition, light carpets or augmented reality. Other applications include LEDs, micro- and nano-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS), micro-optics, and optoelectronic sensors. High-precision parallelism between imprint stamp and substrate is mandatory for these applications. The MA12 Gen3 meets this requirement with the help of the leveling system developed by SUSS MicroTec. This gap measurement technology enables significant improvements in resolution compared with conventional methods.

“It is our aim to offer our customers a full turn-key solution for micro- and nano-imprint that enables outstanding process performance. Our new MA12 imprint equipment is another step towards this goal,” says Dr Robert Wanninger, head of the Lithography business unit, underlining the strategic importance of the new imprint lithography platform. “Providing a tool for 300mm wafers and up to 350mm x 350mm substrates is an important part of the imprint ecosystem we are creating.”

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