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9 November 2022

AMP’s e-mobility Energy Management Unit using Wolfspeed’s E-Series SiC MOSFETs

AMP of Los Angeles, CA, USA (which specializes in connected battery management and charging technologies for electric mobility) has integrated the E-Series silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs of Wolfspeed Inc of Durham, NC, USA into its e-mobility Energy Management Unit, enabling it to optimize battery performance, charging and costs.

Wolfspeed’s E-Series MOSFETs are optimized for use in automotive applications, such as traction inverters, electric vehicle (EV) on-board battery charging, and high-voltage DC–DC converters.

“At AMP, we understand the power that silicon carbide brings to vehicle electrification. We are proud to collaborate with another US-based company on technologies that make a greener and smarter tomorrow,” says Jiaqi Liang, VP of hardware engineering at AMP. “The use of Wolfspeed’s silicon carbide in AMP’s Energy Management Unit (EMU) unlocks higher power density and efficiency, better platform scalability, and precise charging control. All are acutely observed by consumers through improvements in cabin space, charging time, and lower cost.”

AMP’s market-ready energy management solution integrates ultra-fast DC charging, DC–DC, and bi-directional on-board AC charging into a single platform, providing optimal charging experience, monitoring, care and performance of batteries.

“AMP’s integration of our technology signals continued growth for silicon carbide in the automotive industry,” says Jay Cameron, senior VP & general manager, Power, at Wolfspeed. “The expansion of our automotive-qualified 650V and 1200V E-Series silicon carbide MOSFET portfolio allows AMP to easily deploy their products for either 400V or 800V systems,” he adds.

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