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26 October 2022

GaN Systems releases Class D GaN FET amplifier boards and audio boost converter solutions

GaN Systems Inc of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (a fabless developer of gallium nitride-based power switching semiconductors for power conversion and control applications) has released two complete Class D high-performance GaN FET amplifier boards and two complete audio boost converter solutions for marine, auto and battery-powered vehicles. The firm now provides a comprehensive solution set consisting of turnkey amplifier designs, power supplies and boost converters — allowing audio systems designers across auto, home and professional markets to mix and match designs to maximize performance for their specific applications.

Leveraging GaN Systems GS61008P GaN power transistors, the new designs are optimized for sound quality, efficiency (no heatsinks), size and cost — while enabling audio design engineers to create premium audio products more quickly at affordable prices while reducing time to market. GaN Systems’ power transistors are critical components of next-generation audio products and address essential needs in the Class D audio market — expected to reach $3.6bn by 2024, according to analysts. Contributing to the growth is rising demand for consumer electronics and smart home devices, more excellent traction in in-vehicle infotainment systems in automobiles and a rise in demand for energy-efficient technologies in portable and compact devices.

210W and 300W Audio Boost Converters: The two new high-voltage boost converter reference designs include a 210W continuous/300W peak power source and a 300W continuous/500W peak power source for manufacturers of standalone mono, stereo and multi-channel automotive and marine amplifiers. The complete audio boost converter solutions include wide-range DC supply voltage input from 9VDC to 16VDC operation, 32V output, and are load dump compatible with differential-primary-drive transformer topology.

The OL200DS and CL200M are self-contained 200W -per-channel Class D amplifier modules designed for manufacturers of powered loudspeakers and standalone stereo and multi-channel amplifiers. The GaN Systems OL200DS is designed as two independent half-bridge outputs for both stereo and single-channel applications. The GaN open-loop approach provides an ideal switching form for Class D amplifiers with fewer downsides than silicon, the firm says. The high switching signal performance delivers a dual feedback loop that performs better than a single loop/closed filter. Details of the OL200DS include:

  • 200W/channel, 8Ω, BTL x 2;
  • 50W/channel, 8Ω, x 4 half-bridge;
  • <0.1% THD+N, 200W, > 114dB signal-to-noise (SNR);
  • quad half-bridge or dual bridge-tied-load (BTL) topology for ground-referenced output.

With the new GaN Systems CL200M, a heat-sink is not required under normal conditions. Thermal protection is provided for worst-case thermal environments, and 96% efficiency reduces heat and system size. Details of the CL200M include:

  • 200W/channel, 8Ω;
  • <0.04% THD+N, 200W, > 108dB SNR;
  • dual half-bridge or bridge-tied-load (BTL) topology for ground-referenced output.

GaN Systems is delivering “a comprehensive solution set of building blocks for manufacturers to easily launch superior sounding, higher-performance, smaller and more efficient audio systems for their specific applications,” says CEO Jim Witham. “Our expansion into the rapidly growing automotive, marine, and battery-powered vehicles markets brings the advantages of GaN audio to even more consumers.”

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