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13 October 2022

Lumileds again boosts LUXEON 5050 Round LED performance

On the sixth anniversary of its first 5050 LED, Lumileds LLC of San Jose, CA, USA has again increased the light output and efficacy of its LUXEON 5050 Round LED. Introduced in October 2016, output and efficacy have increased by 14% to 693 lumens and 178 lumens per Watt at 4000K CCT (correlated color temperature) and 70CRI (color rendering index). Further, the portfolio (available through Lumileds’ global distribution network) has grown in breadth and is claimed to be the only 5050 offering with a full array of CCT options at 70, 80, and 90 CRI.

“Sometimes the most obvious element is ignored even though it’s the most important factor for a system,” says product manager Mei Yi. “A round light-emitting surface is critically important if you want to achieve a symmetrical light distribution with pleasing uniformity and smooth transitions without jeopardizing optical efficiency, lens design complexity, and cost.”

In fact, optical solution provider LEDiL lists more than 200 lens and reflector choices to address a wide variety of applications and design parameters.

The LM80 report for LUXEON 5050 covers 17,000 hours of testing, and Lumileds provides customers with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of 16 different test items including: High Temperature Operating Life, Hydrogen Sulfide Test (15ppm H2S, 40C, RH 80%), and Temperature Cycle. Lumileds also reports detailed flux, forward voltage and color maintenance data. The firm says that its extensive testing of LUXEON 5050 Round allows it to claim L70 and L90 above 100,000 hours.

The performance, efficacy and reliability of LUXEON 5050 Round (24V and 6V) and the fact that it’s available in the full range of CCTs and CRIs mean that the LED is equally at home in indoor and outdoor applications where the quality of light, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are driving design factors, says Lumileds.

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