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14 October 2022

Ushio launches longer-life, 600mW ESD-resistant 405nm violet lasers

Ushio Inc has launched the HL40173MG and HL40175MG 600mW (CW) 405nm violet laser diodes, which maintain pin layout compatibility with the conventional products (HL40113MG and HL40115MG) while achieving about twice the lifetime (mean-time-to-failure, MTTF).

Light source demand for mask-less (direct imaging) exposure systems, which expose high-definition circuit patterns on substrates, has grown significantly alongside consumer demand for smaller and higher-performance smartphones. There is also increasing demand for laser diodes in the 405nm violet band, with common usage in biomedical, measurement and 3D printing applications, and require further improvements in reliability and longer service life.

The HL40173MG and HL40175MG both feature a Zener diode in the 5.6mm CAN package as a built-in resistance to electrostatic discharge (ESD), over-voltage and reverse voltage, making them easier for customers to handle, Ushio says.

The firm adds that, due to the improvements over previously released 405nm, 600mW violet laser diodes, it encourages existing 405nm laser customers to consider switching to the HL40173MG and HL40175MG.

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