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16 September 2022

Lumentum presenting solutions at ECOC

Lumentum Holdings Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (which designs and makes optical and photonic products for optical networks and lasers for industrial and consumer markets) says that, at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2022) in Basel, Switzerland (18–22 September), several of its thought leaders are presenting on a wide range of topics, including solutions for current and future optical network applications as well as creating diversity, inclusion and belonging within the workplace.

Workshops and papers being presented at ECOC include the following:

  • 18 September (4:35-4:45pm CET): ‘Tunable optics for front-haul networks’ – Moving from optical components in RAN to optical components for RAN Workshop. Speaker: David Lewis, Lumentum technologist, Optical Communications.
  • 20 September (10:45am–12:30pm CET): ‘Diversity in action: creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, a place for all to belong’ – Special Workshop. Speaker: Janet Wong, Lumentum independent board director; panel chair: Grace Lee, Lumentum executive VP, chief human resources officer; workshop organizer: Selina Farwell Ph. D., Lumentum senior principal chip engineer, Transmission.
  • 20 September (1:30-3:15pm CET): ‘High Power, Circular Beam CW DFB Laser using BEX Layer’ – paper. Speaker: Shoko Yokokawa, Lumentum senior engineer, Laser Semiconductor.
  • 21 September (1:30-3:15pm CET): ‘Silicon Photonics IQ Modulator Targeted for 800ZR Data Center Interconnection’ – paper. Speaker: Jian Wang, Lumentum principal design engineer, Telecom.
  • 22 September (8:30–10:15am CET): ‘420Gbps PAM8 Operation Using 93GHz Bandwidth Lumped-Electrode Type EA-DFB Laser at 50°C beyond 400Gbps/lane’ – paper. Speaker: Hideaki Asakura, Lumentum specialist, R&D device, Datacom.
  • 22 September (8:30–10:15am CET): ‘Superior Lowest TDECQ (3.3dB at 106Gbps, 4.4dB at 112Gbps) under PAM-4 Operation at up to 85°C with High Extinction Ratio (4dB) in 1.3µm Uncooled Directly Modulated InGaAlAs MQW-BH Lasers’ – Paper. Speaker: Kouji Nakahara, Lumentum senior engineer, R&D device, Datacom.

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