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7 September 2022

Nichia’s latest 280nm UV-C LED boosts flux by 80%

Nichia Corp of Anan City, Tokushima, Japan is starting mass production in December of another new high-radiant-flux UV-C LED to help target the inactivation and sterilization of various bacteria and viruses, specifically in industrial water and air applications.

With its small 3.5mm x 3.5mm size, the NCSU434C has what is claimed to be industry-leading radiant flux (110mW) and wall-plug efficiency (5.4%) compared with a UV-C LED of the same size, an ~80% flux improvement over its predecessor, enabling smaller and denser designs.

Nichia expects the NCSU434C to be implemented in various large-flow water and air disinfection equipment for inactivation of various viruses, including the new coronavirus and sterilization of bacteria. These levels of performance improvement further justify the immediate replacement of environmentally harmful mercury lamps with LED systems, Nichia reckons.

Nichia says that it aims to continue to develop not only deep-ultraviolet LEDs but also higher-power ultraviolet LEDs with improved performance to help solve various societal issues and to assist in achieving a mercury-free and carbon-free society through energy conservation.

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