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20 April 2023

Midsummer receives €6.4m grant as first instalment of €22m from Invitalia

Midsummer AB of Järfälla, near Stockholm, Sweden – a provider of turnkey production lines as well as flexible, lightweight copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) thin-film solar panels for building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) – has received a grant payment of €6.4m (SEK73.4m) from the Italian Ministry of Finance’s state investment and economic development institution Invitalia for the establishment of a factory for the production of thin-film solar cells in Bari, Italy. This is a first instalment of the agreement concluded between the parties, which will give Midsummer €22m (just over SEK240m) in total in the form of grants to start production in what will be Europe’s largest factory for the production of thin-film solar cells.

In February, Midsummer shipped three of its DUO machines for the production of thin-film solar cells to its subsidiary Midsummer Italia in Bari. A total of five DUO machines have now been installed in Bari, and the conditions met according to the agreement between the parties for a first payment from Invitalia.

After a recent on-site inspection at the factory, Invitalia is fully satisfied with the installations and payment of €6.4m has now been made to Midsummer Italia. In addition, a smaller establishment grant will soon be paid out from the Italian region of Puglia, of which Bari is the capital.

Production in Italy is expected to start later this year. At full operation, the factory can produce 50MW of solar cells per year.

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