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20 April 2023

OIPT to supply KAUST with hardware upgrades and ALE systems, complementing ALD

UK-based Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology (OIPT) has announced an agreement with the Saudi Arabia-based King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) Core Labs, a system of multi-disciplinary and interconnected research laboratories.

KAUST’s Core Labs and research infrastructure benefits from the addition of two Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro100 Cobra atomic layer etch (ALE) systems to add to its existing Oxford Instruments FlexAL atomic layer deposition (ALD) capability. With both ALE and ALD modules, it is reckoned that KAUST is now better positioned to develop its technology research and bridge the gap between academia and industry by enhancing projects like their research on Oxford Instruments ALD equipment (the origin of interfacial charges plus highly suppressed interface traps in GaN HEMTs).

The agreement includes a substantial program of upgrades to OIPT deposition and etch equipment, including FlexAL, IonFab and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) etch systems, already installed at KAUST’s research laboratories. The upgrade program includes the installation and ongoing support of X20 programmable logic controllers (PLCs), a hardware controller that enhances process development by enabling the full range of Oxford Instruments hardware capability. In addition, the modules will be updated with Oxford Instruments’ latest intuitive software control application PTIQ, which enables sophisticated data logging and analysis for process diagnostics and preventative maintenance tracking. To accelerate the researchers’ work and user experience, KAUST Core Labs engineers will attend OIPT’s UK training facility for an extensive and bespoke tool maintenance and ALE-systems training program.

“The agreement continues KAUST’s development of its state-of-the-art facilities and technical expertise that attracts the world’s best researchers and brightest students,” says Ken Kennedy, laboratory director at KAUST Nanofabrication Core Lab. “This investment emphasises KAUST’s collaboration between its faculty and shared facilities, supporting the Kingdom in advanced scientific and technological education and research,” he adds.

“This agreement is a great example of our ability to develop long-term strategic partnerships with key customers in the global research and development market, and support them with our extensive upgrade portfolio and service solutions,” says Dean Furlong, quality & digital director of OIPT’s Global Services. “This is a substantial investment from KAUST that will enhance its reputation as an internationally recognized user facility, and further support its cutting-edge ALD research with the addition of ALE capability.”

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