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4 December 2023

Navitas showcasing GaN and SiC power semis at Bodo’s Wide Bandgap Event

Gallium nitride (GaN) power IC and silicon carbide (SiC) technology firm Navitas Semiconductor Corp of Torrance, CA, USA is participating in and sponsoring the ‘Bodo’s Wide Bandgap Event’ at the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel, Germany (12–13 December).

As a pure-play wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductor supplier, Navitas has shipped 100 million GaN and 12 million SiC power devices. The firm is showcasing its latest technologies including Gen-4 GaNSense half-bridges optimized for motor drive, and Gen-3 Fast GeneSiC MOSFETs to drive growth in markets including electric vehicles (EV), solar, energy storage, home appliance/industrial, and artificial intelligence (AI) data-center power.

Schedule (times CET):

12 December

  • 4.00pm: Roundtable: Addressing challenges in the adoption of SiC and GaN WBG materials’, with Dr Ranbir Singh, executive VP GeneSiC.
  • 5:30pm: ‘Welcome Event’ sponsored by Navitas.

13 December

  • 8am–5pm: Exhibition: Navitas’ next-gen GaNFast and GeneSiC technologies, with field applications engineer Nicola Franco and senior director of business development Rob Weber.
  • 9am: ‘GaN Power IC Innovations for High-Frequency, High-Power Industrial Motor Drive’, by Alfred Hesener, senior director industrial & consumer applications. GaN power ICs now cover the entire power range available from a single-phase AC grid, up to 3.5kW in Europe, and 8kW in China. The significant increase in switching frequency, up to six times higher than silicon insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), coupled with improved control-loop bandwidth, results in size reduction and superior dynamic performance. Negligible switching losses lead to higher efficiency across the frequency range, reducing total losses by 66% compared with legacy IGBT solutions. Furthermore, heat-sinks can be reduced in size or even eliminated.
  • 10:15am: ‘High-speed Gen-3 Fast GeneSiC Delivers Best-in-Class Efficiency from 300–800kHz’, by Dr Ranbir Singh, executive VP GeneSiC. Proprietary ‘trench-assisted planar gate technology’ represents a no-compromise, next-generation upgrade compared to legacy planar and trench SiC. It provides the lowest RDS(ON) shift over temperature and the highest system efficiency in real-life operating conditions, including 300–800kHz ZVS CCM. 100% avalanche testing, easy paralleling, and extended short-circuit withstand time combine to deliver a robust, reliable, long-term solution.

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