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1 February 2023

MICLEDI highlights micro-LEDs for ultra-compact displays at SPIE AR-VR-MR

In booth #131 at SPIE AR-VR-MR at Photonics West 2023 in San Francisco (31 January – 1 February), MICLEDI Microdisplays B.V. of Leuven, Belgium — a fabless developer of micro-LED display modules for augmented reality (AR) glasses that was spun off from nanoelectronics research center IMEC in 2019 — is on hand to demonstrate its portfolio of red (R), green (G) and blue (B) gallium nitride (GaN) µLEDs. The demonstrations highlight what is claimed to be excellent color performance in blue, green and red across the full range of drive currents for many different types of appliances demanding ultra-compact display modules. MICLEDI is also displaying red aluminium indium gallium phosphide (AlInGaP) performance results from initial testing and characterization.

As creators of what is claimed to be the first micro-LED arrays for augmented reality built on a 300mm CMOS manufacturing platform, MICLEDI says that it enables more compact, power-efficient devices that address the needs of future ultra-compact displays in terms of display size, resolution, brightness, image quality, power consumption and cost.

The firm’s strategy is to enable the optimum full-color ultra-compact display by making the best individual color-performing µLEDs which, when coupled with its proprietary micro-lenses, can be integrated into the highest-performing full-color 3-panel µLED display module.

As there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for ultra-compact displays, different applications (true consumer, industrial, enterprise, medical, automotive and others) require different optimal performance parameters – and MICLEDI says that it is committed to serving customers developing AR glasses from medium to high resolution and medium to high brightness.

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