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10 February 2023

Transphorm GaN FET designed into HP’s 65W USB-C PD/PPS power adapter

Transphorm Inc of Goleta, near Santa Barbara, CA, USA — which designs and manufactures JEDEC- and AEC-Q101-qualified gallium nitride (GaN) field-effect transistors (FETs) for high-voltage power conversion — says that its GaN technology has been used in a Hewlett Packard USB-C PD/PPS power adapter. The firm reckons that the design win solidifies its GaN FET technology in the 25–350W low- and mid-power adapter space.

The HP power adapter uses Transphorm’s SuperGaN Gen IV TP65H300G4LSG 650V GaN FET. The technology is said to offer ease of designability and high reliability with high performance.

Further, Transphorm recently completed over 100 billion hours of field reliability data, with a failure-in-time (FIT) rate of <0.05. These statistics encompass a broad spectrum of power levels including mission-critical applications from 25W through to 3.6kW.

Previously it has been verified that, compared with a larger-die (e.g. 175mΩ) enhancement-mode GaN device, Transphorm’s smaller-die (i.e. 240mΩ) SuperGaN FET showed lower on-resistance rise (23%) at 150°C and higher performance at 50% and 100% (full) power, due to the inherent performance benefits of the platform.

“This is an important design win for Transphorm as customers see the benefits of our dedication to quality and reliability with top performance, which is now being embraced by tier-1 customers like HP,” says Tushar Dhayagude, VP field applications & technical sales. “Our GaN FETs are agnostic to controllers with integrated and off-the-shelf drivers, resulting in the ease of design and drivability which is now becoming more and more important as we continue to gain adoption in different markets, in both low-power and high-power segments.”

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