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18 January 2023

Luminus releases MP-7070 mid-power LEDs

Luminus Devices Inc of Sunnyvale, CA, USA – which designs and makes LEDs and solid-state technology (SST) light sources for illumination markets – has announced the launch and immediate availability of a new high-efficacy family of 7070 mid-power LEDs designed for high performance and long-term reliability.

The new MP-7070 LEDs are available in both a 12V (MP-7070-4600 series) and 36V (MP 7070-T200 series) and are made with sulfur-resistance coating technology for long lumen maintenance in outdoor and industrial environments. While nominal drive conditions operate the device around 8W, customers can use these products in a range from 5W to 15W to maximize the lumen/Watt or lumen/$ values, respectively.

In a square 7mm x 7mm package, with a 6.3mm-diameter round light-emitting surface (LES), the MP-7070 delivers what is claimed to be excellent optical performance in both narrow-beam and wide-beam flood light applications. While competitors’ 7070 products have a square LES, Luminus’ round LES delivers higher optical efficiency and attractive beam shape, especially in narrow-beam optical systems. In addition, they are compatible with both automatic placement equipment and infrared reflow solder processes, and are RoHs and REACH compliant.

“Customers have been asking for a powerful, robust SMT emitter with high efficacy, reliability, affordability and Luminus’ outstanding quality of light,” says Tom Jory, VP of illumination marketing. “Our engineers have delivered on all of these requests and further differentiated from the competition by packing it all into a 6.3mm-diameter round LES, which delights optical engineers with a small source size for optimal efficiency in narrow-beam directional optical systems.”

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