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19 July 2023

Cree LED unveils fourth generation of XLamp XP-G product family

Cree LED Inc of Durham, NC, USA (a company of SMART Global Holdings of Milpitas, CA) has unveiled the fourth generation of its XLamp XP-G product family.

With more than 2 billion XP-G LEDs shipped to date, the XP-G4 incorporates the latest advances in high-power LED technology for improved optical performance while delivering what is claimed to be leading efficacy. The XP-G4 also has a maximum drive current of 3000mA, which is a first for the XP-G family of LEDs.

The fourth generation of XP-G products introduces an optimized optical profile designed to maximize on‑axis light output and yield substantial improvements over the previous XP-G3 LEDs. These enhancements include a smaller light-emitting surface (LES) and up to 69% higher intensity, resulting in tighter beam angles and higher candela. The XP-G4 delivers what is claimed to be exceptional color-over-angle performance and a 70° cutoff which dramatically improves coupling efficiency with secondary optics compared with all competing high-power LEDs, the firm adds.

“This fourth generation offers a remarkable 41% increase in maximum light output compared to XP-G3 Standard, reaching a maximum of 1130 lumens,” says president Joe Clark. “This notable performance, combined with the latest optical system, delivers a ‘no compromise’ solution for both new and existing systems alike,” he adds.

“COAST has a 100+ year history of product innovation. As we design our next generation of portable lighting products, we will use Cree LED’s new XP-G4 LED based on its clear product advantages,” says Todd Ernst, VP product at Cree LED customer COAST Products. “This new LED family offers both higher intensity and higher maximum current in the familiar XP-G footprint, allowing us to improve the performance of our products.”

The latest generation of XP-G products is optimized for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor directional lighting applications requiring precise light control, good color over angle and long-term reliability. The new XP-G generation is available in correlated color temperatures (CCTs) ranging from 1800K to 6500K and color rendering index (CRI), including 70, 80 and 90 CRI. Additionally, broadcast color options featuring Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) will also be offered.

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