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12 June 2023

AquiSense launches smallest UV-C LED water disinfection system

AquiSense Technologies LLC of Erlanger, KY, USA (which designs and makes UV-C LED water disinfection systems) has launched what it reckons is the world smallest UV-C LED water disinfection system. The PearlAqua Micro A deploys the firm’s patented reactor technology and high-volume manufacturing capabilities into a very small footprint for dispensing applications.

“The industry has expressed a need for a smaller unit, treating dispensing flow rates, but at high UV dose levels,” says president & CEO Oliver Lawal. “The challenge was also to simplify the product design to reduce assembly time and cost for very high-volume OEM customers,” he adds.

Central to the PearlAqua Micro A is UV-C LED technology which, coupled with innovative reactor design features, provides over 99.99% pathogen reduction at 0.5GPM (2LPM), suitable for water servers and dispensers. It features an integrated LED driver, visible ‘blue glow’ option, low power consumption, and unlimited on/off cycling.

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