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19 June 2023

NUBURU boosts BL blue laser product line from 250W to 1kW

NUBURU Inc of Centennial, CO, USA — which conducts research, development, design and manufacturing of high-power, high-brightness industrial blue lasers — has increased the power of its BL product line from 250W to 1000W by introducing its next-generation BL-1000-F. The additional power enables higher-speed, micron-level precision and repeatable high-quality welds, all of which are critical attributes for the needs of large commercial markets including electric vehicle (EV) battery welding and 3D printing.

“Our customer feedback has indicated that our BL-1000-F will provide a compelling solution that combines both speed and weld quality which will dramatically improve the manufacturing capabilities of our customers in our primary markets: welding, metal additive 3D printing and consumer electronics,” says CEO & co-founder Dr Mark Zediker.

NUBURU says that the BL-1000-F can deliver these next-generation capabilities due to its ability to harness the intrinsically higher absorption of metals to blue light. When combined with a scanner, the BL-1000-F enables critical benefits such as high-speed and conduction-mode weld precision with the quality and process stability requirements that are critical to customers while lowering their total cost of ownership. The higher power delivered by the BL-1000-F enables a higher-quality laser beam. This allows the BL-1000-F to more efficiently weld and process metals that are highly reflective for traditional infrared (IR) lasers as well as other metals that are used extensively in the manufacturing of EV batteries and 3D metal printing.

NUBURU is introducing the BL-500-F and the BL-1000-F on 27 June in booth A2 103 (Laser 2000) at the Laser World of Photonics 2023 trade fair in Munich, Germany.

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