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19 June 2023

SK Powertech adopts Silvaco’s Victory TCAD solution for SiC power device development

Silvaco Group Inc of Santa Clara, CA, USA (which provides electronic design automation software and semiconductor design IP for process and device development) says that South Korea’s SK Powertech (which was founded in 2017, and became a part of SK Group in May 2022) has adopted its Victory TCAD (technology computer-aided design) solution for power devices to accelerate R&D of its silicon carbide (SiC) power devices. The Victory TCAD solution is said to enable SK Powertech to achieve significant improvements in its power management technology.

SK Powertech provides compact SiC power devices for high-voltage/high-temperature applications serving growing end markets such as electric vehicles, railways, and alternative energy. The firm’s products are claimed to be optimal for smaller, light-weight packages with high-voltage/high-temperature requirements.

“To achieve significant advances in SiC power semiconductor performance, we sought a partner who could assist us in implementing our next-generation SiC power technology,” says Dr Changheon Yang, director of R&D center at SK Powertech. “Through our collaboration with Silvaco’s technical team and the utilization of their Victory TCAD solution for power devices, we successfully transformed conceptual ideas into actual working devices. The combination of the advanced feature set in Victory TCAD solution and Silvaco’s depth of technical capabilities enables us to deliver the best products and to meet our end-market requirements,” he adds.

“The expanding markets for power management in solar, automotive, industrial applications and embedded computers are driving the growing adoption of SiC power devices,” says Silvaco Group CEO Dr Babak Taheri. “The success of SK Powertech demonstrates the benefits of using Silvaco Victory TCAD solution for power devices. This solution enables the development of cutting-edge semiconductor products that drive innovation and advancement in the field,” he adds.

“Our Victory TCAD solution is recognized in the semiconductor industry for its simulation and analyses capabilities and is widely adopted in the SiC power devices market,” states Eric Guichard, senior VP & general manager of Silvaco’s TCAD business unit. “With Silvaco’s TCAD solution, SK Powertech is well positioned to make significant advancements in SiC power device technology and to contribute to the adoption of its SiC devices in various industries.”

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